Bruce Jeffreys

Bruce’s eye for a good idea is evident through his extensive work in the private and government sectors.

His first real job was in the marketing department of the Istanbul Film Festival in Turkey, where he went on to stage an Australian Film Festival with his partner Catherine Simpson.

After returning to Australia, he worked in higher education, running a science outreach programme based at Murdoch University in Perth. After moving to Sydney, Bruce landed a job at the interactive arm of Singleton Ogilvy Mather, before moving to the NSW State Government’s Sustainability Unit, based within the NSW Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources.

Bruce and Nic Lowe founded GoGet in 2003 with three vehicles and 12 members. Today, GoGet, Australia’s first and largest professional car sharing service, has 3000 vehicles and more than 100,000 members, and operates in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra.

In 2014, Bruce and Jason McDermott founded Dresden Optics, launching a patented eyewear system designed and manufactured in Sydney.

Bruce is also a founding director of the MakerSpace & Company Foundation, creators of Sydney’s first permanent makerspace dedicated to providing non-institutional learning and training opportunities for people looking to join the Rebel Alliance.

Jason McDermott

Jason trained as an architect, but

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