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Whether you’re a school kid, a high-flying exec or busy parent, Dresdens are a great choice. Don’t believe us? See what our customers have to say.


Anke recommends Dresdens to people whenever she can. Why? Frames that "stand out from the crowd", a sweet price point – and serious sustainability cred. This is mindful design at its best.


Bright colours light up life (and make finding your glasses easier!) for this Australian sustainability pioneer.

Philomena's Story

This young Dresden-ite rocks her colourful, lightweight specs, whether she’s in the classroom or running around the sports field. (She doesn’t notice the top-quality lenses, but her mum does.)


Andrew, a trans-Tasman Dresden lover, used to wear previous pairs of glasses long after he stopped liking them because they cost so much. That's no longer a problem.

Andrew's Story


Michael was something of an expert at breaking his glasses – until his mum discovered Dresdens.

The Dresden modular frame system

Choose your size & colours, snap together. Done.

Dresden comes at eyewear in a totally different way. We’ve designed a simple modular system with a single classic frame shape that’s oh so flexible. Everything’s interchangeable: the lenses and the frame parts (which come in a range of sizes and a riot of colours, even the pins).

Our main frame range is made from an ultra durable, recyclable, and beautifully comfortable, lightweight nylon. Plus we’re doing all sorts of creative things with upcycling waste materials.

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