Eyeing up our frame sizes

Sometimes, keeping things simple is the best solution. At Dresden, we’ve done away with the idea of ‘women’s glasses’, ‘men’s glasses’ and ‘kids’ glasses’. Instead, we offer a single style in four sizes – XS, S, M and L.

Our four sizes accommodate a wide range of face shapes. (Don’t worry, you can get creative when it comes to choosing the colours of your eyeglass frames.)

How can one shape offer the best fit for so many customers? It’s all thanks to our German-inspired design ideals, and a large dose of Australian give-it-a-go. Learn more about our german inspired frame system.

When designing our glasses frames ‘system’, we asked industrial design specialists Vert to research Australians’ face shapes and sizes, and test frame styles via 3D-printed prototypes. Family, friends, neighbours and strangers were all roped in to model them and give feedback. The overwhelming favourite was the classic, flattering style that has become the Dresden universal frame.

Finding your size

Chances are you can take a pretty good guess at your eyeglass frames size.

Adults are usually Small, Medium or Large.
Children are Small or Extra Small (which fits from around six years old).


Lens: 46mm

Bridge: 16mm

Arm: 123mm


Lens: 49.5mm

Bridge: 16.5mm

Arm: 127mm


Lens: 53mm

Bridge: 17mm

Arm: 135mm


Lens: 55mm

Bridge: 17.5mm

Arm: 142mm

Dresden frame sizes

Many glasses have measurements printed on their arms in a format like 53–17–140. These correspond to Lens Width, Bridge Width, and Arm Length in millimetres. If you don’t have a pair of existing glasses or sunnies with these measurements, download our guide below to help you choose the perfect fit.

To try out the frame sizes, download our Dresden frame size guide below.

Print the guide out at 100% and use the measurements to find your perfect fit.

Download size guide

Any size frame front can fit with any size arms e.g. you could be an M (Medium) front and an S (Small) arm size – quite a common combo, in fact. If you’re not completely sure, you can always pop into one of our stores to try them on in person.